Grandma’s Banana Pudding

June 20th, 2011

There are two things my grandmother use to make when she was visiting my family when I was growing up.

She made meat loaf. When she made meat loaf she made a few loaves at a time and you had them for dinner the first night. Since she made so much you had them again for lunch the next day. Then if you were not sick of meat loaf by then you were lucky enough to have it for dinner, again. I think she made meat loaf maybe twice a week. I could be imagining how much meat loaf she made but as a kid it seemed we were always being forced to eat it. I make meatloaf and I do enjoy it when I make it. But Grandma’s meatloaf wasn’t any good and it was made worse when you knew she made her dessert. You had to eat the meat loaf to get some dessert.

The second thing she made was Banana Pudding. The pudding only has three ingredients and it is oh so yummy. Now my kids get excited when they see the ingredients in the shopping bag and the best part they don’t have to eat Grandma’s meatloaf to enjoy it.

Since it is so yummy, I thought I would share with you on how to make it. It is easy enough even a kid could help with the preparations.

You will need one huge tub of Cool Whip, 6 bananas- I use them when they are a bit on the greener side with no brown speckles, and two packages of grahams crackers from a box. That is it.


Put your crackers in a gallon size bag, take all the air out. It gets messy if you don’t cause the bag could pop open and when the air is released out blows lots of crumbs with it. Just take my word for it.


Roll till you got a bag full of small crumbs.


Cut up your bananas into small slices. You could give a child a butter knife if they want to do this as well.


Grab a bowl and starting with the Cool Whip layer all three ingredients- Cool Whip, a small layer of crumbs and a layer of sliced bananas. Layer till you end with the graham crackers. Then chill for a few hours so it all blends together. It never makes it that far, just like there is no more pictures of the finished dessert in a bowl.

It never lasts that long!    Enjoy!



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The Mustangs of Las Colinas

June 18th, 2011

When you have a wife that pretends she is a professional photographer you have to make her happy by stopping some where to take pictures. After reading something about The Mustangs of Las Colinas Rob figured this was such a place to take me. (He was right)

horses (8 of 13)

Robert Glen, an artist created these sculptures of wild mustangs running through a pool of water. When you first see the horse you notice how life size they are compared to real mustangs. Then you notice all the little details, the the muscles in the legs and the hair in the manes flowing in the wind. The only thing missing is the thundering noise the real horses would have created as they ran by.

horses (2 of 13)horses (1 of 13)horses (4 of 13)horses (1 of 1)How cute! This little guy was full of youthful spirit, running around enjoying the evening stroll through the water.

horses (6 of 13)horses (11 of 13)Check out all the little details, the veins on his face, the hair on his mane.

horses (3 of 13)Better watch out Em, you are going to get trampled.

Em is always ready to pose for my pictures.

horses (7 of 13)horses (9 of 13)

Hi Andrew, you have to sneak up on his to get his picture taken.

horses (10 of 13)

horses (5 of 13)Trying to be patient with me as I take my pictures. I think Andrew is almost falling asleep. Smile

The sculpture was in the middle of office buildings. As I was walking around the pool to take the pictures I peeked into an office in one of those buildings. Here is this very professional looking office, big desk, big leather desk chair, it looked like someone who is high in management works here. Then on the other side of the office you see a chair filled with stuffed animals. Hmm…. it just didn’t fit in.

horses (12 of 13)Wonder what kind of business this is and what kind of person has this in his/her office.


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California Condor

June 17th, 2011

Backing up to our vacation: As we were driving we came upon an bridge that we were able to walk over the Colorado River as it flowed into the Grand Canyon.

condor1 (3 of 12)

condor1 (2 of 12)As you were walking on the bridge you were able to take a picture of the newer bridge. The bridge itself was pretty cool but we found something cooler underneath.

condor1 (4 of 12)

Check this guy out, he is a California Condor. Did you know that there are ONLY 369 California Condors in the world?


condor1 (6 of 12)

When I got home I started to research this guy. He had a identification tag on his wing and that should help. This guy was hatched on April 23, 2002, so far he is a father to one and seems to be thriving near this bridge and spends time in the Grand Canyon.

condor1 (5 of 12)

We were soon on the road again and we had a small visit in Sedona Arizona. We had ice cream, took a little ride on a tourist trolley to get a quick glimpse of Sedona. The driver pointed out their famous Snoopy Rock and the Rock Elephant.

condor1 (7 of 12)

condor1 (8 of 12)

After Sedona we stopped at a little vista area and enjoyed the view.

condor1 (9 of 12)

Uh Daddy.. I know this fence is here so I wont go where I am not suppose to go. BUT I do see mommy over there and I was going to follow her. I DON’T know how this fence pole fell. Could you help me fix it? Please.

condor1 (11 of 12)condor1 (12 of 12)


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Wounded Warrior Half Marathon

June 12th, 2011

When Rob first started to run he made a goal for himself to run the USMC Marathon in Washington DC before he turned forty. It wasn’t a set goal but one that he hoped that maybe he could do. Well this October he does turn forty and he will not be running the USMC Marathon. He still wasn’t going to give up doing something to represent his time in the military and a way to help his fellow service member.

A friend of his from high school, Aaron started to run races after he beat cancer. He was talking to Rob one day and they decided to run the Wounded Warrior Half Marathon. The event  honored our men and women of the military and helped raise money for the Semper Fi Fund, which provides assistance to Marines and Sailors injured in post 9-11 combat, and Reserve Aid,which gives financial support to Reserve Service Members from all branches of the military.

DSC_0073If you really, really know me.. I am NOT a morning person. So you know how supportive I am of my husband and his running and especially to a great cause when I get up this early to take pictures. Especially when the sun just rising..

DSC_0075The Sea Cadets Naval Color Guard

DSC_0079I wonder if he is wondering what the heck he is doing this early in the A.M. I know I am.

DSC_0081Start of the race

DSC_0090This cutie did a Family Military Fun Run with his daddy, I had to take his picture.

DSC_0103The Sea Cadets handing out medals to the runners at the finish line.


Dave Roberts did a performance after the race for the runners


DSC_0117The Sea Cadets ready to give Rob his medal!!DSC_0120I see him!

DSC_0122He did it! He ran 13.2 miles and he did it in the Texas humidity!

DSC_0123Rob and his friend Aarron

DSC_0125The medal Rob got for completing the race.

Even though it wasn’t the Marathon race you were tossing around before you turned forty I am proud of you. From the beginning of deciding to run and stepping out the door and barely making it around the block. You never gave up and now look how far you can run. Even though I still think you are crazy for running that far to begin with. Smile Love you Rob!


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Zion National Park

June 2nd, 2011


Last year we started to see what the National Parks were all about. We had a great time last year and seen some beautiful places. We are in awe every single time we visit a new place. It could be the natural surrounding, the landscape itself or a place that has some history behind it. We definitely plan to continue this as often as we can.

15d (23 of 25)This time we went to visit the Zion National Park in Utah. This is another park Rob and I want to go back. Maybe after I get in better shape and with no kids. So we could try hiking some of the trails, I can only imagine what the views would be like from some of them.

15d (1 of 25)Anyone know what kind of bird this is?15d (2 of 25)The view from the camp ground.15d (3 of 25)This guy was wondering where my mom was. ( she loves lizards )

15d (4 of 25)Love it when I could add a flag into a picture of the park we are visiting.

Hi Em and Family, Rob carried the tripod for me so we could take a family picture.

15d (5 of 25)15d (6 of 25)

These guys would walk right up to you and pose, well they were looking for food and lost interest when they figured out you only wanted to take pictures of them.

15d (7 of 25)15d (9 of 25)

15d (8 of 25)

15d (10 of 25)15d (11 of 25)A Columbine flower, there was more to the name but that is all I remember.

15d (12 of 25)

15d (14 of 25)Hey wait for me!!!!!

15d (1 of 1)Again, anyone know what bird this one is?

15d (16 of 25)15d (17 of 25)15d (18 of 25)Isnt this AMAZING!!!

Rob, aka Punk

15d (20 of 25)15d (13 of 25)15d (21 of 25)15d (24 of 25)15d (22 of 25)Zion National Park we will be back, I promise. There was so much we didn’t get to see or do. Some due to lack of time and we need to be in better shape to enjoy what you have to offer.


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Las Vegas

June 1st, 2011

Our time in California went way too fast, since we were driving back home we had to leave plenty of time to visit places before Rob had to return to work.

Our first stop was Las Vegas.

vegas1 (1 of 1)Along the way we seen some pretty cool wind buggies. Looks fun.


vegas3 (1 of 1)vegas2 (1 of 1)vegas4 (1 of 1)vegas5 (1 of 1)

Stopped at the Las Vegas sign to take pictures and see Elvis, Oh and Big Bird!!

vegas6 (1 of 1)Inside the Rainforest Store

vegas7 (1 of 1)Had the buffet dinner at the MGM Grand. These are ALL Andrew’s desserts!

vegas8 (1 of 1)New York New York Casino

Inside the M&M store

vegas9 (1 of 1)vegas10 (1 of 1)

First Elvis and now Michael Jackson?? Thought they were both dead.

vegas13 (1 of 1)vegas14 (1 of 1)



vegas11 (1 of 1)My nephews initials. No idea what these stand for and since it was in in Vegas I think I would rather not know.

vegas12 (1 of 1)vegas20 (1 of 1)vegas15 (1 of 1)vegas16 (1 of 1)vegas17 (1 of 1)

What mean parents Emily has, she wanted to go shopping but had to settle for window shopping.

vegas19 (1 of 1)

Water show outside the Bellagio Casino


vegas21 (1 of 1)vegas22 (1 of 1)

We walked the Strip, I think Rob said we walked three miles. After we got the kids settled in the hotel room we went down stairs to win some big money. Oh wait, break even. What we both put into the machines I won only after playing like five minutes. I could of continued playing and maybe won more money but I am not that big of a gambler. Next time Vegas, maybe next time I will strike it rich.


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Water Balloon Fight!!

May 31st, 2011

DSC_0006 - CopyErin filled up some water balloons for the kids to have a water balloon fight.

DSC_0005 - CopyLarissa had to go to work so I helped her out and grabbed a balloon for her. Last I heard there was a threat from her mom on payback. Better watch yourself Rissa.

DSC_0008 - CopyDSC_0009DSC_0011DSC_0013DSC_0015

Good thing I was behind the glass backdoor!!



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Andrew turns 13

May 30th, 2011

Even though we already had a big lunch at Colimas Andrew picked dinner at Pat and Oscars, another one of our favorite places to eat. So we went to my aunt Josie’s house and picked her up so she could join us.

The reason Pat and Oscars is so good, these are the reason:

DSC_0193I think I am drooling over here right now! These are so so good!


Rob ate one too many??DSC_0194

DSC_0199After dinner and dropping off Aunt Josie we headed back to Erin’s for Andrew’s birthday cake. This year instead of strawberries in the torte he wanted Reeses. Mmmm yummy!

Happy 13th Birthday Andrew!!!!

Love mom


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Day at the Beach

May 30th, 2011

Oh how I miss the beach, it is my favorite place in the whole world. So we had to spend a day at the beach after eating some Colimas.


DSC_0046I love this picture of Rissa and J.B


DSC_0106DSC_0107DSC_0108DSC_0109My sis and her family

DSC_0125DSC_0141Sure was a nice relaxing day….


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May 29th, 2011

DSC_0413Had a lazy Sunday while we were in California so we decided to head over to Mulligans where Larissa works. Her friend Mason was working and he hooked us up by getting us some free bands so we got to do everything for free.

First thing on the agenda, Miniature Golf

It was a cold freezing day, you could even see the snow on the ground. Good thing my sister Erin was prepared.


As any other big sister would do, I teased her a lot about her choice of footwear.


Everyone was playing golf with the exception of Emily, I think she was trying to add a baseball swing in her game.


DSC_0050Here we have a picture of my dad. The Cheat. Somehow both of us tied for first place. I should of won, I did score three birdies in this game!!

                                   TEA CUP TIME!!!!!


Em and J.B. needed a little break and decided to go on a calm train ride.


But John, Rissa and Andrew decided to have another try at the tea cups.

First they have some slow turns created by Rissa, then John took charge and they started to pick up speed.



Looks like the tea cup WON again.


J.B and Em decided to get adventurous again, both were excited to go on this ride.


Hey JB, thought this was a fun ride, show us how much fun this ride is.


Uh, whoo? Is that better?


On your mark, Get Set….. GOOOO!!!!!!

J.B in the purple car and Emily in the white car.

DSC_0326DSC_0332Now look at this! J.B being the crazy California driver ramming into the the slow Texan driver. The nerve! DSC_0336

The big kids show the little ones how it is done!




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